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"Check the length of your Cable Tow"

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from the Worshipful master

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    I thank you for your confidence in electing me for Worshipful Master for 2017, it will be an honor to serve.

    We all took the same obligations as we progressed in the degrees.  With that in mind my theme for this year, although maybe not in a usual vein, is to "Check the length of your Cable Tow".  The original definition of the Cable Tow is a fixed distance to travel, however the more modern definition is the scope of mans' reasonable ability.  This theme is intended to make an exerted effort to summons our membership and hopefully improve or lodge attendance and participation.  This is not the first attempt at this goal, our Brother W.C. St. Sing was successful, I hope as a lodge we can again make this a realism.

    I have yet to schedule any guest speakers, however I endeavor to see if I can get the third installment of "Why Ethiopia" and some other intriguing topics.

    I hope and pray that you all will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.


James Michael "Mike" Cain

Worshipful Master

from the secretary's desk